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I came away from Christian counseling with a deep peace in my heart knowing my life had finally come full circle.

My faith in now knowing how very much I was truly loved by God gave me a better understanding of my life in every way and how He expected me to use what I had learned for His glory.

The way I had lived my life before became obsolete as I began to see myself though eyes that God had now given me ..... knowing above all else that the world I had lived in before was gone and my heart became even more compassionate than it had been in my life before.

I was able to grow spiritually and as a person from a deep sense of knowing that, as my counselor had told me," God loved me and all parts of me."

It really didn't matter to me anymore what other's thought or even their opinions because only those that were closest to me had seen the person I had been before and they were able to see and know the person God had intended for me to be all along.

Love and compassion for others just seemed to constantly pour into my life and I felt so very blessed and it still does today. This was the greatest gift and the one that has given me so much joy today in my life.

Forgiveness was the only way I was finally able to start my new life over, that was my one greatest truth, without total commitment, hard work and deep prayer and my Christian counselor, letting God work through him, I was free at last.

As I look back now, several years down the road, and my heart has healed and I live with a new beginning every day knowing my life did count for something and I would do all in my power to reach out to others and help others if ever a chance came along.

I Remember ....

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