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These Poems contained within this site are a special dedication to all of the Peyman Family. Without their permission this site could not have been created.

A Thanksgiving Day Prayer
The Bridge of Life
Second Sight
The Beauty of Jesus in Me
My 23rd Psalm
The Precious Book
Did You Pray This Morning
The Valley of Sorrow
A Place for Me
Little Sparrow
Absent from the Body - Present with the Lord
My Good Shepherd
The Scarlet Line
Lord Give Me Space
My Little Hill
A Prayer of Thanks

A Thanksgiving Day Prayer

by Bernice Peyman
©Bernice Peyman 1985

Thank You, Lord, for EVERYTHING
You've given to us all,
For good times and for hard times,
For things both great and small.

For food we eat, for clothes we wear,
For sunshine and for rain,
For blessings so abundantly,
For joys and sorrow and pain.

For family ties that make a home,
For friends we meet each day,
For love and guidance from above,
For answers when we pray.

For skies so blue, and yet some clouds,
For strength that Thou has given
To walk the pilgrim journey here,
For a promised home in Heaven.

For trials that come, and trials that go,
We all must have a few.
For grace and mercy that You give,
For simply being YOU.

Thank you, Lord, for EVERYTHING,
We can't name them one by one.
They're all wrapped up together, Lord,
In Jesus Christ, Your Son.

The Bridge of Life

by Bernice Peyman
©Bernice Peyman

In dreams I saw the bridge of life
O'er which each soul must go,
And down below the rapids roar
In wildest winds that blow.

The bridge itself is weak and worn
From those who passed before.
With any step the stumbling soul
May slip and be no more.

And why, thought I, would God, so kind
Not mend that dangerous way?
Why would He let each precious life
Cross on that bridge each day?

But when I raised by eyes above,
There coming through the night,
I saw an angel, bright with grace,
Who shone with love and light.

He stopped beside that ancient bridge
And so this day He stands
Beside each soul that walks thereon
To guide with loving hands.

And then, I knew, there was no man
Who walked that bridge alone.
For God's own angels guard our way
To light the dark unknown.

Second Sight

by Bernice Peyman
©Bernice Peyman

I cannot weave a tapestry,
Whose vibrant colors gleam,
But I can thread a needle,
And sew a little seam.

I have no silver notes to turn--
Into a lovely song.
But I can sit and listen
To the tune and hum along.

I cannot preach a sermon
To edify the year,
But I can say a little prayer,
The Lord can always hear.

I cannot climb a mountain
All clothed in clouds of white,
But I can walk a woodland path,
And feel my heart grow light.

I cannot paint a masterpiece.
I cannot carve in stone.
But there is something I can do
That is my very own.

For though I do not weave or climb,
Nor paint, or carve, or sing,
Somehow, I find a bit of God
In every living thing.

The Beauty of Jesus in Me

by Bernice Peyman
©Bernice Peyman 1990

My life touched yours for a very brief space,
And what, oh, what did you see?
A hurried, a worried, and anxious face,
Or the beauty of Jesus in me?

Was I steeped so deep in the ways of the world
That you couldn't detect one thing
That would set me apart
And show that my heart
Belonged to the Heavenly King?

Did I carry no banner for Jesus my Lord,
Not one thing at all that could show
Whose side I am on in this glorious fight,
I am His, but you wouldn't know.

Forgive me! And if we should meet again
Upon earth, oh, I pray you will see
No mark of this world,
But His banner unfurled,
And the beauty of Jesus in me.


by Bernice Peyman
©Bernice Peyman

Oh, beautiful rose, please tell me,
For I would like to know,
Why must I crush your petals
That sweet perfume may flow?

Oh, life that is clothed in beauty,
Perhaps like that beautiful rose,
You will need to be crushed by suffering
E're you give out your best, who knows?

A life that is crushed by sorrow,
Can feel for another's grief,
And send out that sweet perfume of love
That will bring some heart relief.

Oh, do not repine at your testing,
When called to pass under the rod.
It is only that life might be sweeter,
and comes from the hand of God.

He knows how much we are needing,
Of sorrow, or suffering, or test,
And He only gives to His children
The things that He knows are best.

Then let us rejoice when He sendeth
Some sorrow or hardship that tries,
And be glad to be crushed as the rose leaf,
That a sweet perfume may arise.

My 23rd Psalm

by Bernice Peyman
©Bernice Peyman

The Lord is my shepherd,
To Him I will go,
When the trials of life
O'er me overflow.

He binds up my wounds,
And I lean on His breast,
Where He bestows upon me
His love and His rest.

He meets all my needs,
And stayeth beside,
So, if I need a bit of help,
He's always there to guide.

Yea, though I wander
And goeth astray,
My blessed Redeemer
Will go all the way --

To bring me back
In His dear loving arms,
Where I'll be safe and secure
From the world of alarms.

He died on the cross
To make me His own,
And when death bids me come,
He will take me home.
And I shall dwell in a
Mansion of glory--FOREVER.

The Precious Book

by Bernice Peyman
©Bernice Peyman

Though the cover is worn
And the pages are torn
And places bear traces of tears,
Yet more precious than gold
Is the Book worn and old,
That can shatter and scatter my fears.

When I prayerfully look
In the precious old Book,
As my eyes scan the pages I see,
Many tokens of love
From the Father above,
Who is nearest and dearest to me.

This old Book is my guide,
'Tis a friend by my side,
It will lighten and brighten my way;
And each promise I find
Soothes and gladdens my mind
As I read it and heed it each day.

Oh, wonderful, wonder Word of the Lord,
True wisdom its pages unfold,
And though we may read it a thousand times o'er,
They never, no never grow old.

Each line hath a treasure, each treasure a pearl,
That all, if they will, may secure;
And we know that when time and the world pass away,
God's Word shall forever endure.

God's Word is like a deep, deep mine,
And jewels rich and rare
Are hidden in its mighty depths
For every searcher there.

Did You Pray This Morning?

by Bernice Peyman
©Bernice Peyman

When you woke this morning
Did you look to God in prayer?
Did you thank your Heavenly Father
For a night of love and care?
Did you lift your eyes toward heaven
The blessed Lord to see
Whose eyes were ever on you
While you slept so peacefully?
Did you thank Him that He kept you
Through the darkness of the night?
And awakened you this morning
As the new day came to light?
Did you ask for grace and mercy,
And guidance for the day,
To meet the many trials
That perchance might come your way?
Did you pray for silence on your lips,
The Savior to impart
When angry words would tend to fall,
And wound another's heart?
Did you ask for courage, patience, strength,
The daily tasks to do
That step by step throughout the day
He'd see you safely through?
Did you ask the Lord to cleanse your heart
From secret fault and sin?
That His abiding place might be
A temple clean within?
Did you pray for sunshine in your soul?
Bid anxious cares to flee?
And ask that through the clouds of life
His loving face you'd see?
Did you ask to wear a cheery smile
From the dawn to setting sun?
And pray He'd find you faithful
When the busy day was done?
Did you pray the loving Father
To care for those you love?
And that their lives might showered be
With blessings from above?
Did you dare to ask the Savior
To send a soul your way?
That you His humble servant
Might win that soul today?

When you awoke this morning
Did your Father find you there
Gathered with the faithful ones
Around His throne in prayer?

The Valley of Sorrow

by Bernice Peyman
©Bernice Peyman

I came to the Valley of Sorrow,
And dreadful it looked to my view
But Jesus was walking beside me,
So together we journeyed it through.
And now I look back to that valley
As the fairest I ever have trod,
For I learned there the love of my Father,
I leaned on the arm of God.

Yes, as I look back to that valley
From the crest of it's glory crowned hill,
I call it my valley of blessing,
It lieth so peaceful, so still.
And sweeter it is to my spirit,
Than the chorus of jubilant song.
It's there the mourners find comfort,
It's there the weak are made strong.

Yes, fair is the Valley of Sorrow
God's tenderest angels are there.
It's shadows are made light with patience
And sweet with the fragrance of prayer.
Tired hearts gather strength in that valley,
And burdens once heavy are light.
Sweet are the songs in the sunshine,
Sweeter the songs in the night.

Oh, beautiful Valley of Sorrow,
So holy, so calm, and so blessed.
They ways are the fairest I've traveled
This side of the land of my rest.
And if some day the Father should ask
Which was the best paths I have trod,
How quickly my heart would make answer
"The Valley of Sorrow - Praise God!"

A Place for Me

by Bernice Peyman
©Bernice Peyman 1991

There is a special place in life
That needs my humble skill,
A certain job that I'm meant to do
That no one else can fill.
The hours are demanding,
And the pay is not too good,
But I wouldn't dare exchange it
For a moment if I could.

There is a special place in life,
A goal I must attain.
A dream that I must follow,
For I won't be back again.
There is a mark that I must leave,
However small it be.
A legacy of love for those
Who follow after me.

There is a special place in life
That only I must share,
A little path that bears my name
Awaiting me somewhere.
There is a hand that I must hold,
A word that I must say.
There is a smile that I must give
And tears to wipe away.

There is a special place in life
That I was meant to fill.
A sunny spot where flowers grow
Upon a little hill.
And there always is tomorrow,
And the best is yet to be.
For somewhere in this world, I know
There is a place for me.

Little Sparrow

by Bernice Peyman
©Bernice Peyman

When I have a lot of worried,
And my soul is weighted down,
I can almost hear Him saying
Only crosses make a crown.
And when my eyes are burning,
From the tears that I have shed,
Comes the gentle voice, "Remember
What I suffered in thy stead."

And when I look around for comfort,
And there is no listening ear,
Comes a whisper close beside me
"Hush, my child, I'm here."
Then, somehow, the heavy burden,
Which I almost could not bear,
Slips from off my aching shoulders,
And becomes as light as air.

Then my heart is filled with gladness,
And with joy as it recalls,
He knows all things down to the time
The smallest sparrow falls.
Then a new hope stirs within me
Like the beat of feathered wings
And in outstretched arms I find
A love to which I cling.

And I am no longer troubled
At the parting of the ways,
For long ago He told me
I'll be with you all your days.
Then I find a blessed heaven,
Far beyond the reach of man,
Just like the little sparrow
That He shelters in His hand.


by Bernice Peyman
©Bernice Peyman

If you think you are beaten, you are.
If you think you dare not, you don't.
If you'd like to win but you think you can't,
It's almost a cinch you won't.

If you think you'll lose, you're lost,
For out of the world we find
Success begins with a fellow's will.
It's all in the state of mind.

If you think you're out classed, you are.
You've got to think high to rise.
You've got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.

Life's battles don't always go
To a stronger or faster man,
But sooner or later the man who wins
Is the one who thinks he can.

Absent from the Body -
Present with the Lord

by Bernice Peyman
©Bernice Peyman 1964

"Absent from the body,
Present with the Lord,"
Is in my life fulfilled today
According to God's Word.

You ask me how I know it's true,
Beloved, let me say
The precious blood of Jesus Christ
Has washed my sins away.

I once didn't know the Savior,
My life was lost in sin,
I sought the pleasures of the world,
To give me peace within.

But soon the worldly pleasures
Turned joy into pain;
They lasted for a moment,
And then were gone again.

The drink, the dance, the crowd, the noise,
But added misery,
Until one day, in tears, I cried --
"Lord Jesus, set me free."

Before me through the veil of tears
I say him crucified;
I heard His tender, loving voice
It was for you I died.

I saw the Glory of the cross,
I saw the weight of sin;
The stripes that rightfully were mine
Had all been laid on Him.

My debt of sin had all been paid;
He whispered, "Come to Me,"
My broken, bleeding body
Means life, not death, for thee.

This gracious invitation
Wrought conviction in my soul;
Before the blood-stained cross I prayed
"Lord Jesus, make me whole."

Now cleansed and washed, forgiven
By Jesus' love and grace,
Before His throne, in garments white,
With joy, I take my place.

I'm so much better off today,
Away from sorrow and pain.
So, praise the Lord, He took me home,
Don't wish me back again.

And here on heaven's peaceful shore,
With longing heart I'll wait,
Until I see each one of you
Walk through the golden gate.

But you'll never meet me here above,
Unless you trust in Him,
So open now your sinful heart
And let the Savior in.

Then you too can claim this blessed truth
According to God's Word --
"Absent from the body,
Present with the Lord."

My Good Shepherd

by Bernice Peyman
©Bernice Peyman 1970

The Lord is my shepherd;
I shall not want anything
He supplieth my every need
according to His riches in glory;
He maketh me to lie down and rest
on beds of ease, when I'm
tired and weary
at the end of the day;
He leadeth me beside the
"fount of living waters,"
when my soul is thirsty and dry;
He forgiveth all my sins,
confess and forsake them;
He leadeth me in the path of
everlasting life,
because of His great love for me;
Yes, tho I backslide and goeth astray,
He will not leave me,
but chastise with love,
and bring me back to the fold;
He prepareth a table before me,
with all the good things to eat,
and the bread of life for my underfed soul;
He gently pats my head
to revive the spirit within me
when I feel depressed
and forsaken by God;
My cup is full to overflowing,
so others might find this good shepherd too;
Surely His love and compassion
will follow me all the days of my life
And I shall dwell in the land of the living --

The Scarlet Line

by Bernice Peyman
©Bernice Peyman

The Bible is bound with a scarlet cord
That reaches from cover to cover.
It tells of the blood of the cross of Christ,
And ties it all together.

In shadow and symbol and type, I find
Jehovah, the Christ, my Savior:
In Pentateuch, history and poets' page
And prophecy, minor and major.

So bring is the red of the Gospel cord
As it stretches from Matthew to John,
So crimson the line that has tied my heart
To the heart of the Father's Son.

Here, Peter takes hold of the binding strong,
And he fishes for souls of men:
There, Paul weaves a tent of crimson
Where he tells the old story again.

But John pulls the cord to unveil the face
Of the One whose blood was shed,
And I fall at His feet, for now I know
Why my Bible is bound in red.

A glory gilds the sacred pages,
Majestic as the sun.
It gives its light to every age.
It gives, and borrows none.

Lord Give Me Space

by Bernice Peyman
©Bernice Peyman

I used to pray "Lord give me space,"
How little did I know,
I thought I had to be away from Him
In hope that I could grow.
I wanted to fly, to try out my wings,
And struggling to be free,
I tried my best to build a wall
Between my Lord and me.

I used to pray "Lord give me space,"
I thought I was confined,
I wanted to be out among
Those carefree friends of mine.
At last, He opened up His hand
So that I could depart,
And set out to make my way
With glad and eager heart.

But things were not as I supposed,
I had so much to bear,
And somehow when I needed them
My friends were never there.
I wasn't brave and fearless,
Left high upon a limb,
And it didn't take me very long
To know I needed Him.

The sweet concern from which I fled,
Was His tender love for me.
And when I thought I was confined,
'Twas then I was most free.
And so, I turned and headed home,
And in His sweet embrace,
I had no need to bow my head
And pray "Lord give me space."

My Little Hill

by Bernice Peyman
©Bernice Peyman

There is a hill outside of town,
Not very far from here,
On which the pines grow thick and tall,
And beautiful all year.

It lies far from the other hills,
Secluded, all alone.
I go there sometimes when I'm sad.
That hill is all my own.

I stand upon the very top,
Quite hidden by the trees
I look out at the countryside,
And listen to the breeze.

There's something very restful
In the stillness that I find,
And little cares and worries
Sort of vanish from my mind.

The little hurts, the little pains
My spirit could not drop,
All seem to disappear from me
When I have reached the top.

And every heart should sometimes go
Where all is quiet and still.
Life's road is not so weary
When you have a little hill!

Jesus had a little hill,
A place He went to pray.
What a wonderful example,
Let us follow in His way.

A Prayer of Thanks

by Bernice Peyman
©Bernice Peyman 1946

I am thankful today in the name of the Lord,
Because of your prayers for me,
When helpless, I rested in Jesus name
Who heard each petition and plea.

Through the darkest of hours though I heard not a word
Your prayers winged their way to the throne,
And moved with compassion the love of the Lord,
Who hath promised to care for His own.

Tho' invisible His presence, what a comfort to know
In the hours of trial and fear,
I could reach out my hand into empty space
And feel that my Savior was near.

Through valleys of shadows, I was called on to go,
But your prayers followed all of the way,
Till your will and God's were united in one,
And the shadows soon faded away.

Gifts that are given are precious to all
Who are weary and burdened with care,
But the greatest gift a friend can bestow,
Are the words of a humble prayer.

Poetry ©by Bernice Evans Peyman
Permission Granted by her son, Veryl H. Peyman
Permission Granted by Mrs. Peyman's granddaughter, Diane Troyer

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